Thursday, September 1, 2011

WAC Day 1/2

Pilot briefing yesterday was longish and hot in a steel hangar. Not much different to ours, and then the draw. Richard drew 8th and Paul 16th, amended to 6 and 16th today due the American in the Extra drawing 11. Rich will follow Castor Fantoba, and Paul is bracketted by Jeff Bourbon (USA) and Victor Chmal(RU) - nothing like diving in the deep end!
The opening ceremony last night was in the centre of Foligno, Piazza Repubblica(sp?) with all the local dignatories and officials, as well as local drum band and flag tossers. Culturally significant to the locals, not sure how it all fits in though.
The organisers have done an excellent job publicising the event to the locals and getting their support. Very important considering we are flying right next to houses as the airfield is surrounded by built up areas. Some new houses are actually within or on the boundary of the box, luckily unoccupied at present.
We led the 'march' up the sreet to the officials podium, teams in alphabetical order. Like a centipede with two left feet, though the french tried to call the time! Then the speeches, drummers/flags throwers and then dinner in the 800y.o. stone and fresco 'community centre'. many pilots were keen to depart to prepare for the Q, but others stayed until late.
Thursday a.m. here now, the warm-pilots have just flown, awaiting the first Q flight - Yoshi Moruya in an Sbach 342. The boys are walking through the Q, again.

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