Friday, September 9, 2011

WAC Day9

The final seven have flown.   The re-fly's went first.  Victor Chmal had a solid flight, but Tom Cassels' problems reoccurred and he again landed and went to the technical area.  I doubt he will fly again, but this has not been confirmed.
next up was Oleg S. and it was a neat flight, though I missed some figures.   Gerald in the Sbach flew well, Eric V. said he had some errors, the greatest being overflicking the 3/4 flick on the starting figure, as did many who came in with heaps of smash.

Svetlana flew impeccably, and very low, and no doubt will regain her WC status.   Francois leVot again flew a very measured and correct sequence, and will hold his position near the top.   Unfortunately for Phillipp S. he 1/2 flicked the start figure instead of 3/4, but recovered and flew on well.  The zero will drop him down the table.   We will have to wait until scores are posted.

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