Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WAC Day 0

Wended my way down to Foligno Aeroporto this morning to catch up with the guys. Both Rich and Paul flew early in the box - the first time they had while still cool. Both looked comfortable and flew well. The 300S with 4-blade prop isn't as fast as Paul's but seems to hang on and accelerate from slow speeds better. The different spades means aileron feel is different also - a case of adapting it seems. The South African's said the same regarding flying Rob Holland's MXS vs. their MX2's.
Needless to say there is an enviable collection of hardware parked about: several 330SC, an LT, a couple of CAPs and a surprising number of Sbach, as well as the Sukhoi variations.
Watched a little flying apart from our guys, and the difference from the top to the rest is apparent. Very interesting to see how some do their thing.
Lodged the Free and registered. Met quite a few people, most very friendly, all focussed on getting organised and enjoying the event. Pilot briefing at 1630 and then opening ceremony at 2000 tonight.

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