Saturday, September 10, 2011

WAC Day 10 - 4 Minute Freestyle

Just back from the 4 minute Freestyle.   Great flying on show with Hannes Arch, Ramon Alonso and Eric Vazeilleadded to the classic competitors.   I don't expect any results to be announced until the closing ceremony this evening,    My picks were Kairys, Sonka, Holland and Marmy (maybe not in that order).  A lot of variety, Marmy followed Holland - rock'n'roll to classical!   Arch and Ivanoff's displays were BIG, grand music, large in space.   Some were tight and in the judges face.   Truly a mix of styles on display.   Spoke with Aude Lemordant  afterward, and she took off without a she just had to wing it!  Her first 4 minute Free.  She did the HSC in Pennant Hills, started aerobatics in 2005, flies for Air France, and is now the Vice-Female World Champion.   Makes me feel pretty slack.

I got some video so will try and upload a bit later.

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