Saturday, September 3, 2011


Just had the Unknown submission meeting - all good fun, just like at home.  You put up a figure and the french shout 'non,non' at you..... Not quite that bad, but some preparation is essential, which we had done fortunately.

Due to less than ten 'teams' here, the remaining competitors/countries drew lots to submit a figure, then the ten drew lots again for order of figure submission.   We got to submit the 8th figure for the first free unknown, but missed out on the 2nd Free Unknown.  However, Vittorio, the Italian we share the aircraft with made it, so we worked together to submit a figure we could reasonably fly in the 300S and deny others an option, for the 2nd unknown also - the 5th.  (we did both Unknown figures at the same briefing).
The first Unknown figures are shown.   Tonight we will draw some sequences over a birra grande or two!

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