Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 9.1

Well, the results are out for the technical contest, and with some surprises.   I missed Francois Levot's HZ for a positive crossover snap instead of a negative snap (downward iverted 45 leg of a humpty).   This dropped him down the standings considerably.  Phillipp's HZ also cost him - same applies as at home, NO DONUTS.
Some lovely flying in the last seven, with the cool morning I think the Sukhoi's could start 2-300ft lower at least.   Svetlana and Chmal and Oleg certainly had it in the bottom of the box.
Hats off to Olivier Masurel finishing 2nd in the CAP-232, he flew well and consistently all comp and certainly deserved his scores.   He, Alexander Leboulanger and Nicholas Ivanoff ended up leading the way for the French, ahead of the Armee de l'Air - possibly the loss of Renaud Ecalle has affected them more than we might think.

Tomorrow, the 4 minute freestyle, with some big names flying in:  Ramond Alonso, Jurgis Kairys, Hannes Arch.   Also flying are Rob Holland, Ivanoff, Marmy, Steinbach and Vazeille.

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