Thursday, September 8, 2011

WAC Day6

We watched the first group fly the 1st Free Unknown yesterday morning.   Some very good flying, a credit to the pilots.   Conditions were about perfect.   To us at the tents the standout flights were Nicholas Ivanov in the Edge 540 and Mikhail Mamistov in the Sukhoi 26M3.   I missed some Olivier Masurel's flight (CAP-232), but he obviously continued on his form from the Free.  Ivanoff's flight was such that the pilots applauded him as he walked back past the tents after the flight.   He flew with speed, accuracy and energy, and right in front of the judges - a great flight.   Francois Levot also flew very impressively - a very measured and correct performance.   Full scores are up on the results page for viewing.
After flying was over the Spanish did their paola and sangria thing, which was much appreciated.   Unfortunately I had family commitments also, or I could have settled in for a while longer.
Tomorrow Groups II and I will fly the 2nd Free Unknown.   Another complex sequence ( see earlier post for link to sequence diagrams) that will be a test for all.   The French and Russian designs are smart, both using a linking figure to commence the sequence.  That said, I think the Czech sequence is the best, it will be ineteresting to see which sequences the pilot's choose to fly.

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