Sunday, September 4, 2011


Rich and Paul did not have to fly today, so took it easy and watched some of the other groups fly, or lounged by the pool at the hotel.   Still very warm, and hazy, which affected the performance of aircraft and pilots noticeably.
We submitted our Free Unknown sequence for vetting at 0900.   By 1030 all the Free Unknowns had been juried and posted for viewing.   After some assistance from Coco Bessier, Sergei Rakhmanin and Alan Cassidy - we chose to fly the Russian sequence rather than our own!  See above.   Rich is first up tomorrow after the warm-up pilots, and the third group should all fly before lunch..
We watched all of the top group fly their Frees this afternoon.   The full results are up, so go and have look at   Rich and I thought Mamistov, Shpolyansky, Kapanina (apart from her roller), Ivanov, Masurel and Cassels flew very well.   Many struggled with altitude in the heat we thought and this spoiled some figures.   The design of some Frees were also 'challenging' we thought. - not what was needed on a performance-sapping day.   It was a pleasure to see the older CAP-232 flown well around a sequence, and they still seem to appear very good flicking machines.

So, we need to be in the top 75% after the Unknown to go through to the 2nd unknown.   It will be a challenge, but we'll give it a shot.

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