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Ho, Ho, Ho!
Apologies for interrupting the Xmas wind-down. Just a few quick updates for you.

AWPA Aerobatic and Formation Scholarship

The Australian Women Pilots Association has an annual scholarship sponsored by the RAAF for a female pilot to get an aerobatic or formation endorsement. Check out the details here.
Applications are being received now for 2012, closing at the end of January 2012, so if you are interestd or know someone who may be please pass the information on.

South Australian Championships

As mentioned previously, SA is planning a State Championship for 2012. Please note the date has been amended to the week after Easter; Thursday 12-Saturday 14th of April. Presentations will be Saturday night with Sunday as a weather spare. All comp dates for 2012 are on the website now.

West Australia

The WA Chapter is also planning a mini-comp and training week/end 9-12th February 2012. They would like some assistance from an experienced AAC person or persons. The AAC is providing admin support to get the necessary approvals from CASA but we also need people on the ground to help run the event and guide a new Chapter in its debelopment. The AAC will pay airfares for up to two suitable people to attend and fill the key positions - CD and CJ. Conducting seminars on comp organisation and judging would form part of the duties. If you are interested in helping out please contact me.

Aresti Catalogue Changes

There has been a major revamp of the catalogue numbering system for 2012. I sent out a link to a .pdf copy of the new catalogue earlier that was on the CIVA website. This appears to have been removed now, so you had to be quick! Aresti SL will publish a new catalogue shortly I gather, and the new Section 6 will reflect the changes also. A summary of CIVA Rule changes is attached, the revised Section 6 will be out in the new year, as will the revised AAC Regulations.
Please note that this means you will have to update your Free sequences made with the old system for 2012, as the scoring software will no longer recognise old catalogue numbers.

International Judges

Congratulations to Paul Andronicou and David Pilkington on being accepted as International Judges by CIVA. Our current International Judges are : Paul A., Mal Beard, Liz Cook and David P.
To conclude, I wish to thank the AAC and Chapter Committees (and also AAA!) around the country for lifting the activity level within the Club and hosting regular aerobatic gatherings in 2011. 2012 looks like it will be a bumper year. Thanks to all who have assisted in organising and running these activities, and it is a credit to them, and all members, that we again have had an incident free competition year. I've enjoyed the feedback and the enthusiasm displayed by so many who are motivated to take the sport forward in this country. Thankyou all.
Rest easy, fly safe.


Welcome back.


The 2012 AAC AGM will be held at Tocumwal prior to the Victorian Championships. Notice of meeting, Nominations and proxy forms are attached. Please note return dates.

AAC Rules

The 2012 AAC Regulations should be finalised within the next week. They will be considered at a committee meeting Monday. Paul Andronicou, Rob Noonan, Greg McConnell and I have spent a fair bit of time on this - thanks guys.

Membership Renewals

Memberships are due now (end of December actually..), but we've been battling the web gremlins. Happily, I can now say the webstore is 'open'. Payment can be made via either credit card (now secured by NAB gateway) or direct deposit.
Our merchandise is there, as will be comp entry fee payment options, as well as membership. Follow the links from the Membership page, and please note the membership options available to new members, including 'Social' for some Chapters. So spread the word and get all the budding aerobatic enthusiasts you know, or Significant Other, to join via this cheaper option. That way they will be kept informed of what we are up to and they can be as involved as they wish at competitions or other Chapter events.
Once again, there has been a great volunteer effort on the part of Mick hughes and Rob Noonan to get the webstore to this stage. We all owe them a couple of pots at Tocumwal.


Hello, just a few things to mention: 1. The inaugural SA Champs 12-14th April require a CJ. Could suitably qualified people please check their schedule and contact me or Dave Foord if able to help out.
2. The 2012 AAC Regulations are now on the website. We plan to send out a USB stick with the Regs and other info on them, along with the membership cards.
3. Membership Renewals are now available in the webstore. Please take the time to read and follow instructions, as it is a fair change from before.
4. Victorian Championships, 24-26th Feb, and you can pay your entry fees via the webstore also.
5. AGM - Thursday 23rd Feb 1830hrs. Nominations close this Friday.
6. CASR Part 61 - We are preparing an AAC submission to this proposed regulation. If members have comments to make on this Part please contact me or Anthony Crichton-Brown.


Accident Update

There will be a memorial service at Murray Bridge airport commencing at 2 pm on Friday 10 Feb for Rob Morgan. Anyone who wishes to attend would be most welcomed to do so. Hangarage and accommodation can be arranged, contact Dave Foord to arrange.


Given the events of the past week, the Committee is going to develop a media and accident management package. In this we will specify a single point of contact for media enquiries. Until we complete this work, I request that ALL members refrain from making any comment on contentious issues and direct any enquiries to myself or Rob Noonan.

2012 CIVA Section 6

The revised Section 6 is now available here

Aresti Dictionary

Updated Aresti dictionary, in paper form, is available from here
About 15euro each I think, less if we want a bulk purchase.


Nominations have closed and we have no contested positions, thus no ballot required.

If in doubt, don't.



The 2012 AAC Regulations are now available on the website for download, we shall also post out a copy with memberships. The latest CIVA Regs are also now available from the CIVA website.


Victorian Champs

The first competition of the year is on next week, starting Thursday at Tocumwal. Competition information and entries are being taken via the AAC website and webstore.


Next week also, Thursday night at the Border River Aero Club.

Rob Morgan Memorial

A Memorial service was held last Friday in SA for Rob. I have posted Chris Sperou's eulogy to Rob on the blog page.


I haven't checked who has and who hasn't renewed their memberships, but they have been trickling in consistently. Please renew if you haven't already, and spread the word about Chapter and Social Memberships options.
We will have the membership register available at Tocumwal to ascertain who is current with memberships, so don't sweat the lack of a 2012 membership card yet.


The AAC AGM was held at Tocumwal last week, I will circulate the Minutes once done and have attached the audited financials for the Club FY 2011. Since receiving the financials form the auditor we have updated the merchandise stock list and identified the 'Misc' expenses mentioned as the WAC entry fees.
Nominations for committee were received as follows;

President: Grant Piper
Treasurer: Colin Appleton
Club Captain: Paul Andronicou
Member: Mal Beard
Member: Guy Hanby

We will meet soon and fill the casual vacancies.

Victorian Champs

A wonderful, and hot, weekend. The weather behaved until Sunday when some cloud interfered. An excellent field of one Unlimited, seven Advanced, seven Intermediate and six Sportsman pilots. Great to see such a solid turnout early in the season. Full results should be up on the website soon, preliminary results are:

Advanced: Al Kilpatrick
Intermediate: John Lee
Sportsman: Adrian van der Sluys
Well done guys. And well done to the Vic Committee for battling through the noise issues at Toc and making the comp happen. Special mention to Charles Greatrex, Rob Noonan, Paul Andronicou, Greg McConnell, Dave Clemence, Jeremy Miller and Jodie Davis, and last but not least, Lee Gordon-Brown for being everywhere and and doing anything to make our stay a good one. Thanks all.

Canopy Covers

As a result of branding myself with my harness buckles last weekend at Toc after leaving the Giles in the sun, I made enquiries about lightweight fly-away canopy covers. Bruce's custom covers has offered a discount to AAC members - I've ordered one.


Hello all:
Apologies for the delay in getting membership cards out to you, they should be going out this week or next. All Chapter Presidents have access to the membership database, so we know who's financial for AGMs, comps etc.
The Inaugural South Australian Championships are on in a mere 3 weeks! Generally we are short of helpers at comps, so bring a friend along if you can, and get them involved. It makes the sport more interesting if you learn more about it. Use State events and training days as opportunoties to practise your skills, and introduce friends to the sport. With the Nationals at the end of the year, everyone should be well practised by then.
Judging - the home study course is on the QLD website. Refresh yourself before attending a comp. We will be updating it soon with the 2012 changes. Major change is the more formlised positioning scoring method. Note Positioning K has decreased for both Advanced and Unlimited.
This would mean more if my French was better......


Below is a message from the SA Chapter President, Dave Foord, re. the upcoming competition:
Hi Fellas,

The SA state champs are on schedule to be held on 12 to 14 of april. The contest information and draft programme are now available on the aac national website. entry can be paid via the web store. entries are coming in steadily, and I would urge you to hurry yours along so the last minute rush can be avoided as much as possible.
The contest secretary Jodie Davis is encouraging you to email your documentation to her so that you can be effectively pre registered. I have used this myself on several occasions and it is the way to go. no problems forgetting a vital document.
The venue is Murray bridge aerodrome. the main runway is stabilised lime, and is in good condition. there are some limestone pebbles, about 1 cm diameter on the ends and sides of the main strip, but the central section is well clear of them.
Both sides of the main runway are 20m wide grass strips within the gable markers and are regularly used by the gliding club, crop spray aircraft and myself. the surface is very good and use of the grass strip eliminates any problem with small stones on the middle strip. the cross runway is all grass, and is also in good condition.
We have secured use of a large hangar and terminal buildings. all these plus the fuel bowser along with a nice grassed area are situated around one parking area and within 50 meters of each other which is great for the event. the main judges position will be very close to the parking area, so will be great for spectators to view the action, and we have a PA system organised to keep pilots, volunteers and interested spectators advised as the program progresses
If anyone is flying in by burner, get in touch with me as we will be bringing people up from adelaide airport by car and may have seats available.
Get those entries in and I look forward to seeing you at the competition.

David Foord


Hello all, I hope you are all partaking of the beaut autumn weather for flying!

SA Champs

There was a good crowd at the recent inaugaural South Australian Aerobatic Championships held at Murray Bridge. Well done Dave Foord, Jesse Jury, Dave Clemence, Simon and Diane Stone, Jeremy Miller and Jodie Davis for organising and running the event. Results are up on the website. Well done.

Judging Course

The online judging course is still available via the links on the website. I am currently updating it, but that isn't yet reflected on the website. If you are concerned about needing the tick in the box to compete, then by all means do the current course. If you don't need it, then hold off a while, and spend some spare time reading the current AAC and CIVA rules.


The AAC is affiliated with AOPA (membership number 44954) so avail yourself of their services and support them when possible please.

Aerobatic 'Boot Camp'

Something new on the schedule, for those that wish to progress more quickly. Details are on the website under 'Events'. Places are limited to 6 participants, first come (paid up) first served. Funds raised go to the WAC Fund. The Trainers will be the Club Captain and other senior competitors in the Club. Come learn from our mistakes, rather than making the same ones yourself!
And now for a nightmare moment - I think the flying improved after the occurrence!


Queensland Championships

The next comp is the Queensland State Titles on the June long weekend. Escape the frost (maybe!) and head north to watts bridge. Details on the website here

Cards and Sticks

You should all have received your membrship cards along with a USB stick by now. Again, apologies for the delay. The USB containbs AAC and CIVA regs, Known sequences and other useful information - so don't just pitch it into the corner with all the other promotional crap you may receive, like some people I head of.
I'd recommend copying all your personal pilot and aircraft information needed for registration at a comp onto the USB, so it is all in the one place. Might be a good idea to put an identifying mark or two on yours as well.


Found some good footage of last year's WAC, here's a sample: These were the guys and gals broadcasting the event with live vision on big screens at the airfield. You could sit in the hospitality tent, have an espresso, and stay up to date with the flying as well as ladies fashion. 18 videos in all, the clarity and close up detail is amazing


The results of the QLD State Comps are now available here.
Unfortunately weather did not permit a full programme but it was enough to give us a competition.You will have to wait for the newsletter to get more details ( I promise one will be out soon) However to wet your appetite go to the website to �check� out the scores.
If you click on the scores it will show you how the judges marked each manouvre.
Congratulations to Ben Brazier on winning the Tony Gordon Memorial Trophy by having the highest overall percentage in the competition with 80.94%


Gidday all, my apologies for being a bit slack on the emails of late. I have no excuses except work, family and life in general getting in the way. Also been working on Unlimited aerobatics, which takes a bit of focus.
Beaut flying weather ever since the Queensland Champs weekend! Hope you are all taking advantage of it. I went up to Watts Bridge and we managed to fly about half the competition flights before low cloud and passing showers put a stop to the fun. An excellent turnout of 19 pilots in all categories, including four Unlimited, which is the first time in a while. Two first-time competitors also, from Victoria so super keen, which is great to see. This all bodes well for the sport. Results are up on the QLD Chapter website, and should be re-posted on the AAC 'site soon. QLD Results Well done to all who attended, flew, helped, cooked, cleaned, un-bogged vehicles etc.
The YakWACs are on at present. This is a link, but I hope your Russian is better than mine! They also have a FB page I believe. Also, at last year's CIVA meeting a proposal was passed to include an Intermediate competition with the YakWACs in future, at the organiser's discretion. The Intermediates would fly the same sequences and mix it with the Yaks. This has implications for us, as next year we should/could use the CIVA Yak-52 Q as the Intermediate Known and the CIVA approved Yak-52 Unknown figures. This would provide another international contest opportunity for our up and coming pilots. Text reproduced below:
The Boot Camp scheduled for 31 Aug - 7 Sep will now be held partially at Yarrawonga and Tocumwal. At least three slots (of six only) are spoken for, so if you intend partaking please book now via the website.
Also at Temora Fri 28 Sep - Mon 1 Oct are the NSW Championships. Keep an eye on the website for the entry details.
WA Chapter - yet another State Championship to add to the calendar! If only I had more than 63L of fuel......and more spare time! To be held at Murrayfield south of Perth 7-9 Sep 2012. The WA Chapter is on the lookout for a couple of experienced helpers to guide them through the weekend, so if you can spare the time let me know or get in touch with them direct. We have a small budget to assist with expenses.
Last but not least, the 2012 Australian Aerobatic Championships at Tocumwal 24-28 Oct. Organisation is in hand. Due to the large field expected, expect some programming changes from what you may be used to - please read the comp information thoroughly when it gets published and make your plans accordingly.
Safety - if you haven't heard already, Richard Wiltshire lost his canopy of his new MXS in-flight about a month ago. Luckily he landed without injury or further damage to the aircraft. It could easily have been catastrophic, as several aerobatic fatalities have occurred this way in the past. What can you do? I know I've had a good look at my canopy latching system, and a helmet with visor would be a good thing in that situation. A secondary safety catch may also be doable on some aircraft. Give it some thought.
fly safe.


The Yak-52 World champs have been and the final results are here. Surprise, surprise, Russia 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as the Team trophy! Closely followed by Lithuania, Ukraine......
Next up is the WAAC starting in Hngary on the 26th July. You can follow it here

For Sale and Wanted

I've had people contact me to put items on the website for sale. Until we get that working again, here is a shortlist:
Extra 330SC, Germany 240k Euro, contact me for contact details. O-360-A3A solid crank engines x 2, 1685hrs to run, $17500 ea.
IO-360-D1A, Complete rebuild with all new components including pistons ,rings ,bearings, oil pump gears ,Light weight starter ,Light weight alternator ,Overhauled mags ,Large induction pipes ,Balanced ,Precision fuel injection .Set up for constant speed, $20000 ono,Paul 0414677971

2013 Australian Aerobatic Championships

May seem like I'm jumping the gun a bit, but for the Chapters to consider is whether they would like to host the 2013 Nationals. If so, 'bids' should be lodged with the AAC Committee by end of September so we can make an announcement at this year's competition.

Judges Log Sheets

What are these you ask? Have a look at Appendix 6 of the AAC Regs (on the USB stick). All members should maintain a log of where and when they judge. Along with the JHSC and CJ recommendations, these are used as a basis to upgrade a Judge to State and National standard. We will have the updated JHSC available soon, in the meantime test your memory and update your your log sheet, and browse through the Judging Criteria to help fill those long winter nights. Thanks to those Chapters and others that have been holding judging seminars etc. recently.


The Championnats de France Monoplaces (aka French Nationals) were held back in June. Olivier Masurel and Aude Lemordant continued their form from the 2011 WAC. See French Nationals Report and French Results
The Brits also attempted to have their Senior Nationals (Advanced and Unlimited) at the end of May, but were washed out. They are currently attempting to re-schedule I gather, but weather has halted subsequent comps also.
The German Nationals have also been held, having trouble finding full results, butMartin Sonka from the Czech republic won, and then he backed it up with a win at the Czech Nationals as well! Petr Kopfstein, also from the Czech Republic, was not far behind.
I'm looking forward to the European Championhsips in Slovakia 1-9 Sep. EAC
Also happenning very soon are the Advanced World Championships in Hungary, 26th July-5 August. A big field, see WAAC
You can follow the USA team blog here. The poms have a FB page.

2013 AAC Rules and Sequences

Please consider any amendments you may wish to be made in our Rules, whether due to errors discovered through the year, or general improvements. Pass these to your local Chapter committee or the AAC Club Captain for consideration by the Rules sub-committee later this year. Same for Graduate/Sportsman/Intermediate Known sequences - if there is something you would like to fly next year, then draw it up and pass it on! If we could have these no later than October that would be nice.
keep it up,



2012 Australian Aerobatic Championships

Preparations are continuing for the competition at Tocumwal. The entry details will be on the website soon. Registration and Official Practice will be on Tuesday 23 Oct with competition flights starting on Wednesday 24 Oct. The Presentation dinner will be Sunday night, 28 Oct. The AAC is not making bulk accommodation bookings due to the addditional workload and confusion, so start making your plans early if you intend participating.

2013 Competition Calendar

Dates confirmed thus far are: Vic Champs 6-10 March, SA Champs 12-14 April, QLD Champs 26-28 July, WA Champs 8-9 Sep, NSW TBC, AAC Champs 30Oct-4Nov (TBC) and the WAC in the USA 9-20 Oct 2013.

AAC Tax Status

I've had a couple of people ask about our status for donation purposes. Presently the AAC is registered as a Compant Ltd. with an ACN and approval to not quote the 'Ltd' in our name. We do not have a TFN or ABN, and are not registered for GST. Due to our low turnover we are classed as a Small Company Limited by Guarantee (SCLG), and as of our 2012 AGM we no longer have to lodge returns with ASIC. Initial investigation shows we would not qualify as a Tax Deductible Gift Recipient organisation.


Sadly, two very accomplished men passed away in the last week.
Dick Nell of Goulbourn. Anyone who saw him fly his Stampe would remember him, he certainly impressed me.

and Geoge Markey also. He was a member of the AAC in the 1980's. An innovative thinker, he designed and built the Markey Ultrabat lightweight aerobatic aircraft at that time.


Underway as we speak in Nieh.......................y, Hungary. The first with no aircraft restrictions.
Stay safe.


South Oz training Weekend 18-19th August

SA is holding a training weekend 18-19th August and all are invited. Chris Sperou will be assisting, and if any other exerienced members can make it to provide advice that would be appreciated. Contact myself or Dave Foord.


The 2012 JHSC is now functional. Follow the links under 'INFO - Judging'. Let me know of any errors (need I ask!). Due to the number of changes and time since the last refresher, I ask that all judges re-do the quiz. Open book, no time limit.
Also, as you would be aware Fay Pilkington has been ill in recent times and was admitted to hospital recently. On behalf of the AAC I wish David and his family the best at a difficult time.


2012 Australian Aerobatic Championships

The entry forms and details for the comp are now on the website for download. Payment via the webstore, CC or EFT. Please read and note the schedule and programme, particularly Advanced and Unlimited pilots. The presentation dinner will be on the Saturday night - apologies for my earlier email stating Sunday.

2012 European Championships

Starting in about a week in Dubnica, Slovakia. I imagine it will be a hotly contested event and worth monitoting from afar.

2012 WAAC/AWAC/Whatever

Those who subscribe to the US-based acro exploder would know what I mean! Regardless, it was a great contest with a full programme flown and a huge field. Full results, sequences and other info is here.

2012 Judges Home Study Course

If you haven't, you should!

Boot Camp

Our inaugaural boot camp will be kicking off next Friday at Yarrawonga. 5am kit inspections and depth-charges for breakfast. I'll let you know how it goes!

2012 US Nationals

Held late September at the venue for next year's WAC in Texas, Two of our members, Paul Bennett and Ben Brazier are planning to compete. A great way to gain experience - good luck all.


This message from Mike Heuer, President of the FIA Aerobatics Commission (CIVA):

Dear Delegates:
Thanks to Manfred Echter, Lars Lehmann, Kari Kemppi, and others, we have a very nice set of photos of the WGAC/WAGAC in Dubnica at the following link:
Faustine Carrera creates the photo "sets" for us at FAI's Flicker account and all of the Championships will have photos stored there. Of course, since FAI does not have its own staff photographer to send to Championships, we are heavily dependent on people attending the events to send them to us. I can post them to Flickr as can Faustine, so be sure to send what you have.
Enjoy the photos.
Best regards,
Mike Heuer


We have classifieds on the website - have a look what's on offer here.

2012 EAC

Flat out in Dubnica. onto the 2nd unknown already. '

Boot Camp

Running well, participants making very visible improvements in their flying.

NSW Champs

Anyone out there interested in helping out at Temora the end of the month. We need a Contest Secreatary to help register pilots, sort paperwork and assist DCom with score entry. Contact me please.

Think While You're A Head 
 Busy times, NSW and Australian Championhips racing up on us. Due to the happy situation that many experienced members have serviceable aircraft this year, we are limited with expertise on the ground to run these events. Not that the people who have (been) volunteered are less capable, but some will have less experience. For this reason I ask all participants to be considerate of the volunteers that run the events so you get to fly.
Get your entries in early, make sure your Free (if you are flying one) is correct and signed off by a Judge. Check your figure numbers are correct given the catalogue change this year. Make sure you have all your entry paperwork, licence , medical etc. together at the comp. Decreasing the workload on the ground staff is a priority of mine, so consider your actions and don't increase this workload needlessly. The CD/CJ and Jury should be able to look ahead to the next programme/next day, not get bogged down in past events.
The Contest Juries will be well manned, and a poor view will be taken of vexatious protests or distractions that interfere with the smooth running of the events.

Aircraft Available

Joel Haski of Red Baron has advised he is considering bringing an S-2A and/or Robin to Tocumwal if there is sufficient interest from those unable to locate an aircraft to fly. Contact him direct with your interest.


NSW Championships

The NSW Chanmps are on next week, Fri-Sun, with a judging seminar Thursday night. The CD has advised he will accept late entries, and has a loafing Decathlon available for homeless pilots, so scratch together the shekels if you can and come for a fly at sunny Temora. Don't let the long range forecast put you off (the farmer in me wants it to rain).

AAC Regulations

These govern the way we operate, and have proven safe and effective in the past. Many of the answers to questions I get, and those heard at morning briefs, are covered in the Regs. I know we all just want to burn dinosaurs, but sometimes a quiet cuppa and a read can save both time, money and red faces in the long run. (Hint - they are on the AAC USB stick, along with other good gen).
Leading up to the Australian Championships, I'll try and cover various areas of our rules. I'll mainly focus on areas that have changed subtley (subtlely?) from previous versions. The first of these is 'Order of Flight'.
This is an anomaly I have never understood. The 'convention' and what we have been doing, is drawing lots each day for Entry through Intermediate categories, and reverse order of placings for Adv/Unl. Below is an excerpt from the previous edition of the rules, March 2010:


Unlimited and Advanced

The sequence of competition flights for Programme Q and 4 will be determined by lot to be arranged by the Contest Director. Each competitor will draw his or her own lot.
In Programmes 1, 2, and 3, the official combined standings from the previous programme(s) will be used, in reverse order, to determine the order of flight except for the top 10 pilots. The top 10 pilots will draw for order of flight for each programme.

Intermediate, Sportsman, Graduate and Entry

The sequence of competition flights will be determined by lot to be arranged by the Contest Director. Each competitor will draw his or her own lot.
The sequence of flights may be altered by the Contest Jury if special circumstances require.
From the above, the top ten Adv/Unl pilots should draw lots each day to determine the order of flight. We always have less than ten Adv/Unl pilots, so we should have been drawing lots each day? Why did we always use the reverse order of placings regardless? No bother, in the 2012 edition of the rules we amended the text to match the reality of what we do, see below.

2.36 Order Of Flights

2.36.1 Unlimited and Advanced order of flight is determined as follows:
a) Programme Q and 4 will be determined by lot. Each competitor will draw his or her own lot.
b) Programmes 1, 2, and 3, the official combined standings from the previous programme(s) will be used, in reverse order, to determine the order of flight.
2.36.2 Intermediate, Sportsman, Graduate and Entry. The order of competition flights for Programme 1will be determined by lot. Each competitor will draw his or her own lot. Subsequent Programmes will use the official combined standings, in reverse order, to determine the order of flight.
2.36.3 The sequence of flights may be altered by the Contest Jury if special circumstances require.
Note though, that we also changed the method of determining order of flight for Entry through Intermediate categories. We now will use the reverse order of placing after the initial programme.
Why did we do this? Well, no one has ever been able to explain to me why we draw lots each day, so I'm not going to try. But I will explain the rationale for the change. Simply, to save time and allow better briefing of important operational things, like departure and arrival and radio procedures. These procedures are directly important for the smooth and safe flow of the competition. These topics weren't mentioned in earlier editions of the Rules, but we added them for 2012 due to their importance (see para 2.37 for a complete list).
Morning briefs often extend on into time better spent getting the judges out and the flying going. With your assitance, hopefully this change will better allow that.
Relax, Trim and Enjoy!


Ben in USA

Ben Brazier did a fine job at the recent US Nationals finishing 10th with 77.3% in Intermediate. Congratulations Ben, I'm sure the experience will be an asset in the future.

NSW Championships

The NSW Champs were held last weekend under mostly cloudy skies and with significant wind at Temora! We had 15 competitors Graduate-Unlimited, a bit smaller than expected but I suspect the forecast weather kept a few people away. We did get all the Programmes flown around the delays. There are pics etc on FB, and the AAC website has the results, except Sportsman, which we are still working on due to a software problem. Consequently we have not yet announced the Team or Highest Overall Percentage award. We did award the Bryscen Teape-Davis Best and Fairest trophy to Darrell Whittaker - congrats Darrel, worthy recognition by your peers.
Once again Temora Council and Aero Club were great hosts. Special thanks to Jeremy, DCom, David Pilkington, Yves and Matt for doing all the jobs that need to be done at a comp, no matter how much prior planning you do.
It was also great to see everyone stepping up to the crease to judge, and CJ, categories higher than they had previously in many cases. Excellent experience to get, and handled very well I thought. Pat yourselves on the back!
which brings me to.......
Prior to the Australian Championships in a few weeks please take the time to re-read the AAC Rules, and CIVA Section 6 if appropriate, and complete the JHSC (Intermediate and above, but it's never too early). Then review your Judges' Log Sheet and update it with all relevant experience please.
If you intend attending the Championships, as a competitor or not, please let Jeremy, Dave Clemence or myself know ASAP, so we know who will be around to do what. Competitors should certainly have their entries in by now, if not, get on it please.
that'll do for now

NSW Results

DCom fixed the bugs, full NSW Champs results are now on the website.
Sportsman was won by Darrel Whittaker 77.1% closely followed by Cass Moeller 76.9% and Pete George 72.2%. Well flown all.
Highest percentage Overall was.......Tony Wilson, Graduate, with 79.8%, edging out Darrel. The Team Trophy went to NSW with 15 points to Victoria's 13.

2012 Australian Championships

I heard a rumour that very few entries had been received and paid for yet...........please put your entries in sooner rather than later to assist in planning.


We ran a quick judging seminar prior to the NSW Champs, and I was surprised that many people had not found the excellent British judging tutorial on the BAeA website here. Simply put, there is little point us attempting to reproduce something that has already been very well done. Have a read to refresh yourself prior to your next critique or judging session. Also, a handy cheat sheet on the standard downgrades is here.

Changed Competition Workcycle

Continuing with the aim of easing the workload of contest officials, and making the comp experience more enjoyable for all, the following was included in the 2012 AAC Regulations:
2.29 Publishing of Results
2.29.1 Raw score checksheets IAW 2.28.1 will be made available to contestants for checking immediately after the raw scores have been entered into the CIVA approved software program. The Contest Director will post the Fair Play processed official & final scores for the programme just flown as soon as practicable after the protest period has lapsed (i.e. three hours after the last competitor has collected their raw score checksheets).
2.29.2 Results should not be held back from publication in order to create a surprise or other form of tension.
2.30 Certification of Final Scores
2.30.1 The CIVA Fair Play System is to be used, as per FAI Sporting Code Section 6.
2.30.2 The Contest Director and Chief Judge (or CJ for the category in question) will check that all pilots have received their raw score checksheets and that the protest period has lapsed. Following this review, the Contest Director and Chief Judge will certify the FPS processed scores as final by affixing their signatures to same.
This is pretty much a straight cut-and-paste from the British regs, and reflects what happens at world-level contests. Simply put, the responsibility for checking data-entry errors falls back on the pilot, and so relieves the CJ of laboriously checking every score has been entered correctly. It is in the pilot's interest to do this, so I am sure it will be done assiduously!
Typo errors will be simply corrected, with no protest needed, as happenned with us at the WAC last year on a couple of occasions. There is, however, more responsibility on the CJ of each category to make sure his master Form A is completed correctly with regard to CHZs and any penalties that were confirmed on the judging line (highs, lows, low-lows, outs, faulty wing rocks/safeties etc).
Once the 3 hr protest period has passed, the scores are locked and the FPS does its thing. Final scores for the flight in question are available then, not at the end of the day or late evening. Why this way? Because it reduces the workload on officials and allows them to plan for the upcoming activities, not get bogged down doing menial tasks concerned with past events. Any protests are advised earlier, rather than after scores are released at 8:30pm for example, with the 3hr protest period yet to run.
Also, and most importantly, by the end of a comp everyone, including officials, are getting tired due to days judging in the sun, flying hard, disrupted sleep and eating patterns, dehydration. And this is when the most difficult Unknown flights are being flown. I see it as a high-risk time and a definite flying safety hazard. Shortening the competition day and having people better rested must improve the situation.
do it safely.


Not many sleeps now (but maybe a few airborne nano-naps) before the 2012 Australian Aerobatic Championships!
We have 19 entries thus far, and hangar space is limited. Any latecomers are advised to bring a tie-down kit.
For those still re-working their Frees, we have uploaded the latest format blank sequence forms (with the positioning score column) onto the website. At a pinch you could use them to hand-draw your sequences. Also uploaded are blank Aresti visio forms in the latest format. If you have an older version of Aresti, you may be able to download these and get the new look cheap-cheap. No promises, I've been lost ever since the c> prompt disappeared.
PLEASE NOTE the figure numbers have altered this year to 4-digit groups - Olan does not give you these, and neither will older versions of Aresti. If you need help converting or re-drawing a sequnce contact me.
Below is a message from Mr. Contest Director:
All, With the Nationals only just around the corner I'd like to touch base with everyone who's planning on heading up early to practice.
Firstly, as much as possible, use the safety of the aerobatic box when you're practicing and make sure that there is someone on the ground looking out for you with a radio on hand should a conflict arise.
Secondly for the Unlimited pilots, CASA has approved flight below 500' AGL only for the duration of the competition (24th to 28th) so please keep practice above 500' AGL. I wouldn't imagine this would create major issues for anyone, however please call me to discuss if you can't comply.
Lastly, please be mindful of the Neighbours and avoid overflying any populated areas where possible. The fly neighbourly policy for Tocumwal Aerodrome can be downloaded from the AAC Website here. There will be copies available when you register, however please make yourself familiar with it before you arrive. Should noise or safety at the aerodrome become a major issue, then we may have to cut the competition short or find another location. This is every pilots responsibility and please be on the lookout for each other.
I will be arriving with Jodie in VH-SIS on Monday morning, and I look forward to seeing you all there.
Fly safe and have fun practicing. Jeremy
Tickets for the Presentation dinner 7.30pm Saturday will be for sale at registration. $60 per head with limited wine and beer per table. Paul is bringing his karaoke machine. Along with the presentations, we will be having an auction of two shirts from the 2011 WAC signed by many of the competing pilots. One has the names of the top Aresti team members, the other the Freestyle competitiors. Money raised will go to the AAC WAC fund.
"It's all about the aero's" - Nick Baker, AAC#812


2012 Australian Aerobatic Championships

A very successful competition was held at Tocumwal with many willing helpers and support from the locals, in particular the Murray Border Flying Club, and The Gordon-Browns (and of course The Anglican Ladies, and their scones!). No noise complaints or other negatives were received, as far as I am aware.
Thanks again to all who did the legwork in the planning and lead up to the competition, and those that filled the active roles during the comp. If you peruse the results on the website, note the names of the officials also, and remember without them it's very hard to do much!
We had a field of 26 pilots, some new, some veterans. It was great to have a field of 4 in Unlimited and 6 in Advanced - a great sign for the sport in Australia. Al Kilpatrick continued his golden run and is the 2012 Australian Aerobatic Champion flying the mighty DR-107. Congratulations to all who participated, as it takes more than the winners to make a competition. Pat yourselves on the back for some great flying, and safe as well.

2013 AAC Calendar

The dates and locations for the 2013 season have been posted on the website front page. The NSW Chapter has committed to host the Nationals at Temora in November 2013. Check the dates, book your leave and rest up over the summer.


CIVA is holding their annual meeting now and the changes for 2013 will be notified soon. We will then incorporate relevant changes to the AAC Regulations. As part of the review process, any member can make submissions for rule changes or additions they think necessary. Write them up in a coherent form and submit them to the Club Captain or me by the end of November please.


The Known/Q sequences for 2013 have already been announced, and they have been added to the website. Note that an FAI-sanctioned international Intermediate competition is being incorporated with the YakWACs in South Africa in 2013. Thus the Intemediate Known shown is actually the Yak-52 Known. Similarly the Yak-52 Free and Unknown rules would apply to Intermediate. These changes were highlighted to the Committee last year, but have not yet been ratified, but would seem a sensible thing to do I think.
As for rule changes, if you have a Known sequence design you would like to fly in 2013, draw it up and submit it to the Club Captain for vetting and approval by the Committee. If we don't receive any we will let Mal design one.......

Matt Hall Racing Scholarship

The inaugaural winner of this scholarship was Ben Brazier. This year, I am pleased to announce that Adrian van der Sluys will benefit from the award. Adrian has pedalled his Pitts all over and performed consistently and well. His progress is a testament to his dedication and thoroughness of preparation, and only the wily John Lee prevented Adrian from taking gold in Intermediate at Tocumwal. Congrats Adrian, I'm sure you will make the most of it.


Australian Teams 2013

It was my intention to announce those who had qualified as an Australian Team Member at the Presentation dinner, but I didn't have all the data at that time. Per Appendix 7 of our rules, I am pleased to announce the following Team members for 2013:
Greg McConnell
Brad Mulcahy
Dave Clemence

Alan Kilpatrick
Paul Bennet
Richard Wiltshire
Rob Noonan
Paul Andronicou
Grant Piper

We are expecting to send an Unlimited Team of six to the WAC in Texas in October 2013 if everyone takes up the offer. This would have been a full men's team in previous years, but as of 2013 up to eight of one gender are permitted on a Team. This is a very positive thing for our club and sport, as the experience gained will be invaluable in subsequent years.
For Advanced, the European Advanced Championships will be on in Poland in August. This would be a great experience for anyone who can do it, and we do have a few contacts in Europe now that can assist in sourcing aircraft.

2013 Sequences

The 2013 Known and Q sequences are now on the website here. Enjoy!
Note that the Intermediate Known is now the same as the CIVA Yak-52 Known, and for 2013 we will fly Intermediate in accordance with the CIVA Yak-52 rules. This will mean new Free and Unknown sequence rules also. The reason for this change is that CIVA is combining an Intermediate Championship competition with the Yak-52 World Championship, flown to the same rules. We thought it sensible to align to give our pilots another International competition opportunity. The next YakWAC will be held in South Africa in 2014.
Intermediate pilots will need to become familiar with the relevant portions of CIVA Section 6 and design a new Free for 2013. Total Free K is less, but average figure K close to the same. Permitted Unknown figures will also change, but they are all listed in Section 6 so have a look and start practising them so you aren't surprised later on! Some are more difficult than what you may have been used to, while some are easier.


The new T-shirts and hats on sale at the Nationals are now available via the website. The perfect gift for that 'difficult-to-buy-for' person! Order now from the webstore in time for Xmas.

2013 AGM

The date for the 2013 AGM has not yet been set, but in the meantime please consider nominating for a committee position if you wish to play an active role in the progress of the Club.
Thankyou to all who served on the Committees about the country, and all those others that put their hands up to make it happen in 2012. It has been a very successful year with two new state competitons being held and good numbers at all the comps, all conducted without incident. I haven't tallied up the number of flights launched, but I'm sure it would be well ahead of the average. Additionally we held our first 'Boot Camp', which was well recieved and we plan more in 2013. We continued to update our documentation and JHSC - not without problems but we will keep working on it.
Fly safe and have a good xmas.

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