Thursday, January 25, 2018

Advanced (very!) Free Design

In an earlier post I blogged about designing your Free sequence. That was aimed at the beginner. Now I want to talk about the elite level - Unlimited. What prompted me to this was looking at the late, great, Renaud Ecalle's Free shown below:
(Note: the 3/4 flick down on the tailslide should also be negative.   This is legal as it has different figure number cf. the humpty flick).


1.    No. of elements able to downgrade on typical Free vs. Ecalle's flicks??
2.   Simple low risk Russian design vs. higher risk but 'simpler' (fewer elements) sequence.
3.   'did not flick' are PZs - more likely to be overruled and fitted value used under fairplay provided most judges score it. Can't be HZ'd??
5.   Orientation of tailslides Fr vs.Ru?
6.   Is this a development that makes best use of recent rule changes?
7.   position of roller Fr vs RU?
8.   position of spin FR vs RU?
9.   Will judges give more than an '8' for a complex flick figure?

Regardless, an inspiring sequence and pilot.