Sunday, January 10, 2010

Money For Nothing?

Money for Nothing? Dire Straits? What am I so pessimistic about? It's the time of year when AAC memberships fall due, apart from the Vic Chapter which I believe renew in July. So, what are the membership options I mentioned in the previous blog? The NSW Chapter brought in Associate and Corporate Memberships when we changed to an Incorporated Association in 2008.

Corporate Membership is for commercial organisations that wish to be associated with the NSW Chapter and Aerobatics. It is NOT de-facto sponsorship. Flying schools or any commercial organsition may wish to join this way. Membership allows their employees or members to attend and take part in one NSW Chapter event.

Associate Membership currently costs $35 dollars and is aimed at non-flying members, particularly the spouse/partner or family member of an active member. We recognise that not all people want or need full membership, and this is a slightly cheaper option for them. But, significantly, it acknowledges that without the support and assistance of family and friends it would be very difficult to run Club events.

Full Membership of the NSW Chapter is just that. For $38 you join the Chapter, get full voting rights and can participate in all Chapter events, including the annual NSW State Championships. You may also be able to participate in other non-NSW Chapter events, depending on their local rules. You do not have to join the AAC itself.

We can't neglect the option of joining the national AAC organisation. As well as the Chapter fee (NSW-$38, Vic-$35,QLD-$70,SA-%35)there is $50 for AAC subs, $12 for an FAI licence, and if a new member a $25 joining fee. $125 total for a new member joining the NSW Chapter;$100 for a renewing member!

So, what do you get for your money? The larger Chapters provide regular training opportunities where you can get coaching and critique. They may also run judge training and social events to attract new members or entertain old ones. NSW has scheduled three mini-comps amongst the regular monthly training days/weekends at Cowra in addition to the 2010 NSW State Champs. We aim to provide a social focus for members, while also getting valuable training, and also to attract new members so we can grow the sport. That $38 works pretty hard!

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