Thursday, November 5, 2009

NSW Champs Trophy Presentation

No, it wasn't a black tie dinner event televised live with red carpet and paparazzi etc. To give you some idea, my 11y.o. son was the official photographer, thus some fuzziness, and the venue was the Temora Aero Club after the flying, sweat and all!

Graduate pilots Ben Brazier (1st) and Matt Robert (2nd). Just like it should be at kindy, everyone went home with a ribbon!

I don't have a group Sportsman shot, as we presented them Sunday night after they had finished all programmes in case some needed to leave to work Monday (Graduate presentation was held over due to a computer glitch Sunday - fat farmer fingers....). Rob Noonan (1st, pictured with Bryscen Teape-Davis Best and Fairest trophy) also scooped the highest % award (82.84%). Dan O'Donnell was 2nd and David Foord 3rd.

Intermediate top placings were filled by excuse-finding should-be Advanced pilots! Next year you milk-drinkers will be made fly in tutus if you stay in Intermediate. Jeremy Miller 1st, Guy Hanby 2nd and John Lee 3rd.

Advanced was a full field with some newcomers to the category who did very well, as well as established players. Tony Blair 1st, Russell Bell 2nd and David Clemence 3rd.

It was good to have an Unlimited field this year at the NSW Champs. They had a fair crack at some tough world-class sequences. Richard Wiltshire 1st, Glenn Graham 2nd and Paul Bennet 3rd.

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